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Entertainment for Festivals & Fairs  With Penelope The Clown

Entertainment for Festivals & Fairs

Penelope the Clown has Taken her Fun Filled Antics to Events Across North America.

Flexibility is key when producing large events like Festivals & Fairs.
Penelope the Clown knows this and is ready to work with you every step of the way.

Her versatility allows her to fill your fair with a variety of entertainment styles. Whether you feature her kid's show on stage, or rely on her to enthrall your guests with strolling entertainment, she will delight you. She can set up a face painting station, or act as an ambassador who greets your guests with the same enthusiasm you have for your event.

She will work with you to select the perfect combination of activities to compliment your event's schedule and theme.

Stage Shows

Penelope the Clown performs a fun filled stage show, that targets kids up to 8 years of age. While the crowds may come so their kids can watch the show, Moms and Dads alike find themselves laughing along with their children. Penelope the Clown juggles, makes magic happen and gets the audience out of their chairs and dancing. Shows run about 30 minutes each.

Strolling Performances

This is where Penelope the Clown's versatility shines through. Strolling performances can include strolling juggling, magic tricks for small groups, or even an impromptu version of her stage show, in any convenient location on your site. You may discover her leading groups of children in bubble games, or greeting crowds and directing traffic. Some events utilize her skills as an emcee to introduce stage acts, or to stroll about on her unique light up clown scooter. Whatever she does, she fills your event with an atmosphere of laughter.

Face Painting

Children are thrilled to be transformed into colorful works of art! Princesses, super heroes, animals, and more will fill your event's grounds, after children have visited Penelope the Clown's face painting table. This attraction creates a value added experience for your patrons, as Penelope the Clown never charges guests for the service.

Penelope the Clown uses the highest quality theatrical make-up available. She also works diligently to ensure your guests safety by following strict sterilization protocols and using single use applicators to apply the make up.

Balloon Animals

Who doesn't like free give away items at a fair? When the item you receive is custom made in front of your own eyes, by a skilled craftsman, it takes your breath away. Kids will line up to have a balloon sculpted just for them by Penelope the Clown. She is always conscious of the wait time in her line, and will make balloons quickly to keep the line moving when there's a crowd, or switch to more elaborate and larger designs when time permits.

Balloon safety is an important issue. Penelope the Clown only provides balloons to children who are over three years of age. She also encourages peaceful play, and doesn't create balloons that look like weapons.

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